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Neil’s Christmas Story

Neil’s Christmas Story

Calgary, AB

My contact information is posted on the FSHD Canada Foundation website — so I get a lot of emails. Most are from Canadians — but not all. Just before Christmas I got an email from Jonas in the Philippines.

Jonas has FSHD. He’s about my age — but in much worse shape. He can’t walk and relies on his scooter to get around. Two years ago a typhoon hit Jonas’ island. Jonas and his family survived but the scooter was badly damaged.

Fixing the scooter costs around $230. He can’t afford it. He doesn’t have any income. So, he’s been stuck at home with a broken scooter the past couple of years.

Jonas asked if the Foundation could help him out. I had to say no. The Foundation is only set up to help Canadians.

But, I really felt sorry for the guy. I have FSHD too — but I consider myself to be much more fortunate than Jonas. So, I decided to help him out myself. Besides, it was Christmas!

I transferred the money to Jonas and he got his scooter fixed. He then sent me the following video. I have to say — it is one of the nicest Christmas presents I’ve ever received!


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