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FSHD clinical trials are coming to Canada – get registered here: Canadian Neuromuscular Disease Registry

Clinical Trial Research Network (CTRN)

Clinical Trial Research Network (CTRN)


US$2,800,000 over 3 Years

Lay Abstract

Investigators: Jeffrey Statland (University of Kansas Medical Center) and Rabi Tawil (University of Rochester Medical Center)

This project includes support for the CTRN to continue the Natural History Studies (MOVE and MOVE+) which will generate the clinical outcome measures essential for FSHD clinical trials. The activities funded include blood-based biomarker discovery & validation and the addition of 50 more subjects with FSHD to the MOVE/MOVE+ Natural History studies. The CTRN has also committed to set up clinical trial sites in Canada.

The FSHD Canada Foundation acknowledges the generous support of Solve FSHD towards the funding of this grant.

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