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FSHD-Like Mini-PIG MRI Project

FSHD-Like Mini-PIG MRI Project


Total: US$450,000

FSHD Canada Foundation Share: US$225,000 (Over 3 Years)

Lay Abstract

Test period:

The bulk of this project will be completed in 2024.


Peter Jones, PhD (University of Nevada, Reno)

Lay abstract

The Peter and Takako Jones Lab is in the process of developing and characterizing specialized miniature swine models for FSHD that will be available to the entire FSHD field. To provide more useful research data and information, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is needed to assess skeletal muscle phenotypes in these FSHD-like Göttingen Minipig models.

There is a wide consensus that MRI would be extremely valuable for characterizing the FSHD-like phenotypes and evaluating many therapeutic approaches and muscle building technologies in the FSHD-like minipig models.

The FSHD Canada Foundation acknowledges the generous support of the Wilson 5 Foundation towards the funding of this grant.

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