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Carden Wyckoff

Carden Wyckoff

Georgia, USA

When Carden Wyckoff was 9 years old, we found out she had a form of muscular dystrophy known as FSH (facioscapulohumeral). Over the course of the last 14 years, this genetic disorder has been the source of countless physical and mental hardships throughout her life. In 2016, she finally had to make the difficult personal decision of accepting an electronic scooter to aid her day to day mobility, something she had been fighting against for years. The mental toughness required by Carden and other individuals who have to battle day and night for their physical mobility and mental well-being is not easily matched – it’s safe to say that, by default, they have to be tougher for what they’re forced to endure.

As a result, a group of Carden’s family and friends decided to embark on a 79 mile Georgia Appalachian Trail piggyback hike as a tribute to those who are on that muscular dystrophy battlefield, fighting each day for their physical and mental well-being. ¬†On this 9 day journey, their team, each assisting in helping carry Carden (115ish lbs) via a custom piggybackpack harness, was tested both physically and mentally. Even though they acknowledge that their journey may have seemed crazy, out there, and extremely difficult, the truth is that it pales in comparison to the daily hardships of hundreds of thousands of other people living with this terrible disorder. This team of family and friends took a stand against muscular dystrophy, proving that anyone can overcome their perceived limits by pushing past their physical barriers, and they invite you to take that stand with them.


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