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Funded Research

Please note that any funds granted from the FSHD Canada Foundation cannot be used to cover more than ten percent (10%) of overhead costs.

Effect of Matrix Bound Nanovesicles in a rodent model of FSHD: Histomorphologic Analysis

Test period: August 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024 Investigators: George Hussey, PhD and Stephen F. Badylak, DVM, PhD, MD The proposed studies will evaluate the immune and myogenic cell…

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Matrix Bound Vesicles for the Treatment of DUX4-mediated Muscle Pathology

Investigators: Collaborative study between Dr. Michael Kyba (UMN) and Dr. Stephen Badylak (UPMC) This study will investigate the effects of treating muscle with GMP produced matrix-bound vesicles (MBVs) in the iDUX4pA/HSA…

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Phenotypic characterization of FSHD-like FLExDUX4 minipigs

Investigator: Peter L. Jones, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine All forms of FSHD are caused by misexpression of DUX4 (double homeobox protein 4) in skeletal muscles; thus, the…

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Matrix Bound Nanovesicles (MBV) as a Therapy for FSHD

Investigator: Dr. George Hussey, University of Pittsburgh Regenerative Medicine provides an alternative FSHD treatment strategy for promoting new tissue growth using Extracellular Matrix (ECM) bioscaffolds. ECM bioscaffolds serve as a biochemical…

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Working Towards an ASO Treatment for FSHD2 Patients

Investigator: Dr. Stanley Crooke FSHD is a rare disease. FSHD2 is even more rare. Only 5% of all FSHD patients have FSHD2. We don’t want them to get left behind. The…

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Accelerating Canadian Regulatory Approvals

The Objective Several promising treatments for FSHD are going into clinical trials very soon. Hopefully, these therapies will be approved for use by FSHD patients in the next couple of…

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