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Funded Research


Investigators: Yi-Wen Chen (Children’s National Hospital, Washington, DC) Giorgio Tasca & Enzo Ricci (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Rome) Sabrina Sacconi (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice) Biomarkers are used…

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Clinical Trial Research Network (CTRN)

Investigators: Jeffrey Statland (University of Kansas Medical Center) and Rabi Tawil (University of Rochester Medical Center) This project includes support for the CTRN to continue the Natural History Studies (MOVE…

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Muscle targeted immunosuppression as an FSHD therapeutic

Investigator: Andreia Marcelino Nunes, PhD; University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine FSHD is caused by aberrant increased expression of the DUX4 gene in skeletal myocytes, which initiates a pathogenic…

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Generation of porcine large animal models for FSHD therapeutic development and preclinical testing

Investigators: Peter L. Jones Lab; University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine The primary therapeutic target in all forms of FSHD is DUX4-fl mRNA and DUX4-FL protein, and animal models…

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Motor Outcomes to Validate Evaluations in FSHD

Investigators: Jeffrey Statland, PI (University of Kansas Medical Center); and Rabi Tawil, Co-PI (University of Rochester Medical Center) The primary goal of this proposal is to hasten therapeutic development for…

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Facio Therapies

Facio Therapies, established in 2014, is a Netherlands-based company with a single focus – to overcome FSHD by developing a causal therapy that restores the natural repression of muscle-toxic DUX4.…

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